More detailed information on the location and layout of the new airport

View of airport from the west

View of the airport from the west

Location of Nuweiba Airport with flight path

Location of Nuweiba Airport showing the flight path.

The aircraft would predominantly land from the south and take off to the north.

Therefore there will be almost zero noise pollution.

The only disturbance might be for some of the small hotels located east and north east of the airport.

However, these properties would welcome the airport as occupancies are currently near zero.

Layout of Nuweiba Airport

Layout of the airport with a runway of 2300 metres in length, at sea-level, at a direction of 20 / 340 *,

and with sufficient safety areas of 350 metres at the end of each runway.

The aircraft apron, terminal and ancillary buildings would be located west of the runway.

View of Nuweiba Airport site from south end of runway

View of the airport site from where the southern end of the runway would start.

View of Nuweiba Airport runway from the north

View of the airport site from where the northern end of the runway would start.

The land is flat, at sea level, protected from any floods, and empty except for an old disused farm.


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