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The area of East Sinai, which, for the purposes of this website, could be defined as the north-eastern quarter of the Governorate of South Sinai, in Egypt, and which includes the towns of Dahab, Nuweiba, St. Catherine and Taba, is an area of immense beauty, peace and tranquility, and offers tremendous potential as a leading international tourist destination, second in Egypt only to Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada.

Despite considerable investment in the past, with about 100 hotels in the area opened or under-construction, with many more in the pipeline, tourism has stagnated and declined, partially due to the perception amongst the European travelling public that the area is not safe and partially because the area does not have the required air-links. This recession in the local tourism industry has had a serious negative effect on the economy of the local population, leading to fears that crime levels and fundamentalism could rise drastically.

It is true that there is Taba Airport, located some 40 km west of Taba, at 700 metres above sea-level, and a smaller disused airport at St Catherine. But these airports are both very remote and can not satisfactorily serve the area if the aim is to attract large-scale tourism.

What is needed is a new, centrally located airport that can replace Taba Airport and St Catherine Airport and the ideal place for such an airport is Nuweiba !

Nuweiba is the most central, and the only really suitable location, for an airport in the area of East Sinai, and would revitalise the economy of the whole area and contribute enormously to the Egyptian tourism industry, as well as facilitate an increase of trade within the region.

The international tourist of today prefers a transfer time to his or her resort of less than 30 minutes, and, at most, 60 minutes. An airport in Nuweiba achieves this, with 10000 rooms already within less than an hours drive away, whilst Taba Airport has only just over 5000. Taba Airport does not even have a single hotel room within 30 minutes drive !

Once all the developments have been completed, say in 5 years, then there will be almost 23000 rooms within 60 minutes of Nuweiba Airport, but only one third of that within one hours drive from Taba Airport.

To read more on the concept of Nuweiba International Airport, click here for the full description, here for a shortened version and here for a brief summary on the proposed airport.

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The Fjord at Taba

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Nuweiba International Airport ( NWB )

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